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The Town of North Hempstead has negotiated an agreement to acquire 7.3 acres of open and recreational space in the Roslyn area for $2 million that will be funded through the Town’s Environmental Legacy Fund.  This new park will be open to all town residents.  Authorization for this purchase will be on the town board calendar on June 19, 7:30 PM at Town Hall.   


 Project Costs


 Estimated construction costs
(Project scope includes restoration of main pool area, tennis court restoration, replacement of concession space and walkway improvements)


 Contingency Funding and Engineering Costs




Debt Service


Principal & Interest Payment (15 Year Bond) 


Facility Operations
        Personal Services 
        Seasonal & PT 
        Night Differential 
        Capital Outlay & Equipment 
        Stationery & Printing 
        Insurance, Fire & Liability etc. 
        CSEA Legal Fees 
        Uniforms & Laundry 
        Chemicals & Testing 
        TPS – Plant & Grounds 
        R&M – Plant & Grounds 
        Recreation Supplies 
        Contractual Services 
        Garbage Removal Contract 
        Administrative Charges 
        Parks Charges 
        State Retirement 
        Social Security TXS – Employer 
        Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District Pay Roll Tax 
        Disability Insurance 


 Total $1,252,650/year



 Pool Fee Structure



Price Per Year 




          $860 - $960


          $740 - $800

 Senior Couple

          $600 - $750

 Senior (60+)/Disabled/Social

          $510 - $600 





 Anticipated Membership Fees           $980,000

Tennis Revenue



 Price Per Year

 Seasonal Court Fees (based on 50% capacity)


 Off-Season Court Fees (based on 40% capacity)


 Anticipated Membership Fees            $85,000
 Staff expense          $51,000



Revenue Generated Through Membership Fees


*Figures based upon 1,000 members



Price Per Year 


The Pines - Roslyn Estates

$2,250 (Family Membership)

80' x 40' heated main pool, certified lifeguards,
lap swimming, large kiddie pool, 3 tennis courts,
large children's playground, adult & kiddie
basketball courts, lockers, showers & changing
facilities, sunny & shady areas, snack bar & patio dining

Asphalt Green - NYC


Indoor pool, showers & changing room

Eisenhower Park

 $975 (Family Membership)

Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym

Hempstead - Echo Park
Indoor Pool

 $532 (Family/District)
$646 (Family/Non-District)

Fitness complex, special lap swimming periods, diving
tank, sauna, weight rooms, lockers, snack bar, exercise and swim classes





The map below depicts the areas where the members to North Hempstead pool facilities are located. 

G.I.S. and mapping areas were compiled through RecTrac and TownStat data.

Click on the map for full size version